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A Couple with their Heads Full of Clouds (1936) Painting by Salvador Dali
Jul 29 2014


I wanna be sedated

Packages by Ben Frost


perspective is everything


Photography: Jeff Hahn / Model: Steven Chevrin @ Nevs / Grooming: Danielle & Nicole Kahlani / Tetu Magazine


Matias Santa Maria


and last of all here’s an iphone recording of us playing this new track ‘alex’, thanks to patt for sending this over. shea records all their sets super well so in a week or maybe a couple weeks i’m hoping to post their versions of the new tracks so yall can feel em out. the mix on this is heavy on my guitar so you lose johns harmonies a little in the solo which is a bummer but unavoidable, and vocals are far from my best but hey whatever!! it was a great time. i love the fuck out of this song. here’s your first taste i guess if you weren’t at the shows. it’s only going to get better from here ya?

rad!! music 

Rita Lino’s family project shows her old family photos with deceased members cut out